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Nov. 9th, 2008

(no subject)

hello! today i decided to share some music with people.
kisaki project-eien no yume
phantasmagoria-moonligh revival
phantasmagoria-splendor of sanctuary
phantasmagoria-synthesis songs
phantasmagoria-never rebellion
lynch-the avoided sun
lynch-greedy deas souls

Oct. 30th, 2008

Here again

I know I know...I havent been here for like ages...I didn't have the time to write here. I opened a blog in Slovene. So I decided to take time and do both!
So...I'm having holidays right now and I'm enjoying it. Everything is doing well. My bands are still active...Although we made some changes in one of them and I got myself a little J-rock project but we'll see how it will work.
This year..again, me and my drums teacher are going to have some lessons of drumming at our school. It's because every student needs to have some 'after class' classes and they can pick from for example drumming, art classes (I'm there), languages, theatre (I'm participating this one to), school newspaper (gues what, i do that to XD), school band (one of my bands actually) etc etc...so yeah it's alot of fun actually. ^^
On monday and tuesday I was in Kočevje again. Went to visit my friend and it was great. We had alot of great time. Although first day it was very exhausting. I had to get up early ang go with train to Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) and then we were walking through shopping centre in Ljubljana like from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. At three we went to Kočevje and took a walk around some freaking lake. Me, my friend and my sister didn't want to but others convinced us...So yeah...And after that we went to my friends garage. She's also a drummer and her band has a place there. I was so tired and she wanted me to play with her...It was the first time I found drumming sooo hard...I couldn't even hold sticks or even hear what I'm playing. I met her bandmates...And I was actually disapointed about the way they work. I never thought they're like...this ordinary band which goes at their place to drink, smoke and jam...Ok, nothing wrong with that. My guys sometimes take bear with them to. But whiskey and stuff...I was really disapointed. It's just another band that doesn't really work with music...maybe I should tell her that...but I think she would be angry...Nevermind.
Oh another thing that really pissed me off...She said Girugamesh are worse than Gazette! I mean...I like The gazette very much and everything but they're not better than Girugamesh.
So next day it was fun ^^ We didn't reallydo much but anyway. I went home already that day.

And now I'm enjoying the rest of the holidays..I should study...=_=...

Oct. 4th, 2007

(no subject)

september is here and i have to go to school again. i hate it!
i'm band worked hard in august for the concert which was on 6.9.2007
we still don't have a singer so our guitarist sang. well now we found a singer at last :D
last time we had a drummers meeting. we were in front of my school, having fun, talking and so. it was fun. the only thing that bothered me was some fancy guys who passed by and stopped by us. they were like: woo rockers, u're so stupid, look at guys they're such pussies, hey pretty boy do u want me to smash your face?
omg i was soooo mad! i stood up, shouted on them and they went away. it was sick! they came to us and screamed bad things right into our faces!
i hate these hip hop guys cause they're always insulting others and wanna fight. my company never does that. rockers never come to other people for nothing and insult them!
last times my mom is always complaining about my friends, cause i'm the only girl and i'm more boyish than girlish bla bla bla. it goes on my nerves

so now i want to say a few words about the concert in makole. 6.9.2007, it was a good performance, we didn't play soo perfect but it was good. the amplification was really bad, so we could hardly hear eachother. but we enjoyed it as much as we do on every performance. stage is a stage and music is music, stage is heaven! side break, peppermint, iraxana and freaks of friday also played there. freaks of friday did, for me, again, the best performance! we sang, jumped and i also danced with one teacher XD and me, simon and marko joined them on the stage this was the funniest part :D i was also verry happy when renato came to me and said that i'm awesome on drums and that he loves the way my guys listen to me, that i'm like a real mother XD

last time i had a really bad day and i was waiting for ozzi in the town. and i played with my drum sticks a little when a little boy came to me asking: hey you there, what is that u're doing?
and then i told him about drums, music and band and so. and he listened to me. that time i was very happy

ok and now the main thing! last week i was by katja from friday to sunday! there was the european majorettes championship. and katja compited there with her group so i supported her. but i was there also to spend some time with her. cause we don't see eachother so often so yeah i was very happy then! we had the greatest time in the world! first day we were on the competition opening. next day katja performed there and after that we went to the chinese restaurant and in the evening we went out! first we were at natasha's and it was such fun XD
i also met mateja and jurij again ^^
on sunday we watched the competition and then me and nives had to go home. we said goodbye, hugged eachother...i was happy i met her again and we'll sure be together again soon :DDDD

me, katja, natasha, ines and nives

Aug. 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

ok i gotta write something it's been a long time since i did
soo holidays are coming to an end which is bad =_=
but still...last days we practice alot with the band cause we have a concert on 6.9 and i can't wait ^^
ah i'm 16 at last, in august it was my b-day and i really had fun! ^^ am i got me a new cymbal tomorrow i'll probably go and get it ^^
hummmm...last weekend my friend katja from kocevje was by me and i have to say that was the greatest weekend
on friday she came to maribor and i was sooo happy. later we went eatin together with ada, nives and tin. then they went home, nives had band practice and katja and me went arround shopping ^^ in the evening we went first bowling ^^ later we went to mc but it started raining =_=
next day we were at my house having fun and in the evening we went to the cinema to watch this rat cooking movie and it was fun we laughed all the time XD
on sunday she had to go and it was a sad and happy moment at the same time. we saw eachother again therefore i was happy, but sad cause it passed so fast. but we'll see eachother in september again :DDDD

hum...holidays are such fun! i can't tell how much fun i have with my boys ^^
i don't know what else to write...maybe later

Jul. 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

i'm enjoying my holidays as much as i can. i go out a lot XDDD and drum a lot and i'm beeing lazy...a lot XDDDD
this years festival lent wasn't so good as last year. it was at the end fo june till beginning of july. last year there was more good concerts. this years good concerts if they were good ofcourse, were very late at night or they were late at night in clubs for 18 years and more, which is worse. so yeah
but still we were always there hanging out and having a great time.
once there was tamas starclassic bubinga on one of the stages, believe me, me and chris were melting! it was so amazing
from 5th till 12th july i was in egypt with my family. i was in hurghada and it was really nice

our hotel

45 degrees temperature and about 28-30 was the water. plus it was very clean.
once we went to see corals and fishes in the sea and we also saw dolphins
we also saw the city of hurghada. there's a lot of shops and people are soo annoying wanting for you to go to the shop and buy something. they push you into the shop man. i didn't like that. but other people are very nice and funny :DDDD i liked egypt a lot and i want to go there again someday
when i came home i was sooo happy that i'm back again. i missed people here, the whole city and my drums!!! we came home on thursday, on friday i went to mc pekarna to see my friends and they were soo happy to see me and i was happy
this saturday i was on iraxanas concert on st. ana and it was really good. later we went to maribor because chris had his 18th b-day. we bought him drumsticks (vic firths metal model, big sticks yeah great to write on) and wrote on it. and we had problems with the carrier bag because all of them in stores were pink and ugly. so we took one red and drew drums on it. ^^ he was happy. so yeah we were infront of prva gimnazija and had great fun :D
ammm..let's get random XDDD
last time i heard gazettes new album...and it didn't impress me really. it's like some songs are like some nu metal or rap metal or dunno, others are like gazette usually is, ones are rock n roll and others are totally sadie...i don't know. it is good but i expect more creativity from gazette
but i have to say girugamesh's reason of crying is amazing! this band really does great stuff! their music is perfectly composed and played! ryo always impressed me with his drumming but this time it is soooo amazing! the thing ryo has it's power and i love it! also guitars are great this time, great riffs as always, also speed and feeling! everything! and vocals amazing as always and if u put it together u get a perfect thing, reason of crying
duel jewels es single is good! musicaly amazing as girugamesh. drums are also great this time spetialy in outsider!
vidolls cloud is another beautiful thing from vidoll. this band makes one of the most beautiful music!
D's new single i listened only once, not really careful enough but sounds good. D is another band that makes quality music ^^
ok now i'll stop writing

Jun. 20th, 2007

(no subject)

school's over!!!! yeees!
so yeah by frame we found one other singer who's better than the older one.
one monday me, gasper, marko, ozzi, chris and sprajcer decided to go on one hill in maribor called kalvarija. XDDD from 12am till 4pm we were up there joking and having fun ^^ such times with friends are great! although they're all guys and i'm the only girl i enjoy their company because they're awesome :D
7th june i was on my old school. i went to see a school play with the school band. man i was so proud on the school band. because they're continuing what we started. they're pretty good, since they're all new in music they're good. i was so happy to see them playing! and it woke up memories on my first music performances
on friday 8th june sers rock was on stuk and it was sooo awesome. rene my friend he was soo hyper i never saw him like that before XDDD he was so funny! and ozzi was sooo drunk omg. i liked the band called heretic they played pantera and they did it sooo good! if we get into a contact with them i want to make a concert with them because they're great and suit to our music also.
and lycanthrope were playing there! omg they were sooo freaking awesome! marko did a great job on guitar and they all did! their drummer is soo awesome! we enjoyed their concert very much! durring the headbanging me and ozzi hit heads three times XD me and chris both wanted drummers sticks but he got them cause he's bigger but i don't care marko will get me drummers sticks anyway :D
marko sesko

saturday was even better! billy's private parking had a concert! marko sorsak on drums again was sooo great! we were all standing in the front i mean we were the only ones standing because the concert was near a bar so everyone sat outside and listened to them. but we were jumping and singing and having a great time again ^^ billy's private parking played very good and nives liked their guitarist ^^ so i have to get her an autograph XDDD
and before i went home i said goodbye to all my friends and i coudln't believe how freaks of friday came to me and hugged me. i got so emotional after that it was so cute from them

billy's private parking

on wednesday me and marko decided to study because he had to get some high marks and i helped him. but yeah we met renato and that means we didn't study alot XDDD oh oh i bought black devils cigarettes to renato because he wanted them so much and u can't get them in our city but a class mate had them and i bought them for renato and he was soo happy ^^
sprajcer came and later on also chris and we were sitting outside infront of economy gymnasium or how to say and had fun. me and marko were studying a little and next day marko actually got great marks hehe XDDD
on thursday i went to my old schools school prom and i was happy and proud again ^^
on friday we were at ledna dvorana (to translate 'icy hall' becuase it's a place for ice skating but this time there was no ice there) on pise se leto 2007 (to translate: it's the year 2007 or something like that). dan d, sank rock, siddharta and laibach performed.
we were there manly because of siddharta. so yeah it was really awesome. at the end we were all wet, our voices were gone and we could hardly stand on our feet XD but yeah we had a great time! :DDDD

so now holidays are here and that means i'm working with music all the time. tomorrow we're having band practice yey ^^

May. 27th, 2007

(no subject)

where to start? i have sooo many things to tell!
school's comeing to the end and i still need to study >.<
17th may-ROCK AT PRVA 2007!
my neck hurted days after because of slamming XDDD
so at 9 am we were at the school's gym and started to prepare the stage and equipment. than we tried the sound. the peppermints were the first, after them our school band-the quickest way tried the sound. the equipment wasn't so good i have to say but still enough for the school gym. next band was us, Frame and i have to say it was really nice from other band that they listened to us. freaks of friday and iraxana did and i it was really nice from them.
then iraxana, evil eyes and freaks of friday played and soon the concert started. oh and i really got along with iraxana's guitarist Roza (it's his nickname means 'flower' in english)
so the concert started and first was The quickest way. Keep on rockin in the free world was the first song, than Satisfaction which was played wery fast. and Nothing else matters like always
Than Peppermint performed. They are a great band to start with :DDD

then it was Iraxanas turn. It was the first time i heard them and i liked them they have good songs ^^ and roza put on a pink shirt, aldo jani XD they were so funny
Evil eyes! they're always so good they're pros ^^ i like them very much. Iskra is as said before really awesome!!!
but the best band at Rock at Prva for me was Freaks of Friday. not because of my friendship with them or anything but because they play music i really like! i enjoyed their performance soooo much!! :DDD
after Freaks of Friday it was our turn. Frame :D i have to say i enjoyed it soo much and i was so happy it was our first concert and it was really great! it was so nice to see all of my friends enjoying our performance and supporting us! first it was for whon the bell tolls and it was great! after breaking the law and smoke on the water. Fairytale gone bad and Jon bon Jovi-it's my life. so yeah it was soooo great and so awesome!! marko broke a string hehe but still it was great!

After us, the quickest way played three more songs. We really rocked with die die my darling, and then one slovenian rock song, and the ramones-blitzkrieg bop. so it was great! and i was happy how people came to me, congradulated me, huged me and so on ^^
After the concert i was with my band. and we also met Freaks of Friday and they liked our performance, we liked theirs so we decided to make a concert together in june ^^ so yeah this day was the best day i had!

and yesterday i was at billy's private parking concert. White night, 12.45, Freaks of Friday, and Tretji prst were before them, they had a chance to play some songs. And then Invite were performint and BPP the last. So i was there because of Freaks of Friday and BPP actually. so first we were there at half past five and the concert should start at 6pm but it didn't we had to wait for more than two hours. i guess because there weren't many people. so we were sitting there outside at the table and we had so much fun. man Freaks of Friday are soo awesome, i mean i really wasn't bored with them they're so funny XDDD they made music with bear bottles and joked all the time
so at about half past 9 the concert started. White night were the first, than 12.45 and than Freaks of Friday. and man it was really great! me and Simon were really enjoying the performance :DDD so my neck hurts today again XD
ah and i met one great woman! she's almoast 40, she's a mother of the drummer of Freaks of Friday and she's sooo freaking awesome!! i mean i never met a woman like that! she has a soul of a teenager and she's very talkative. we really talked alot and really got along well. she's also very smart
so after f.o.f played we were hanging around, making fun again ^^
then BPP came on stage! ^^ it was so awesome they are so great! and marko sorsak was great again! i love the way he smiled to me and kris from the stage ^^
i really enjoyed the concert
i had to go home in the middle of BPP because it was very late. but still it was awesome ^^

Apr. 28th, 2007


(no subject)

25.4.2007: we rooocked the Prvi oder!!!! the concert was soo awesome!!!
Primafest started on 25th April and our concert was at half past eight at Prvi oder. I was a little bit nervous. We carried the instruments on the stage and went to backstage. I saw people coming in. Man there was so many people! There was almost no space left at the audience. And I got exited. We went to the stage and I was not scared at all. I forgot about everything, I enjoyed the performance. We played very good. I was a little worried if my arms and legs will hurt but they didn't. I was in my own world now. We had such fun! Our first song was Rolling Stones-Satisfaction. It was a nice rhythmical song and people liked it. Next it was Metallica's Nothing else matters, which was beautiful. Led s severa, our third song also brang nice atmosphere. But our fourth song Smoke on the water rocked so much! We had to repeat one more song so we did Satisfaction. I guess we played this song with the biggest joy because we had to repeat it and that means people liked it. It was so hot on the stage and I admit, I was really tired, because I gave everything into this concert. But I collected all my strength for the last jamming song Metallica-For whom the bell tolls. Actually Jani the singer invited Jan and Marko from my second band-FRAME on the stage. We didn't really plan it but still decided to play one song. And Metallica was the right one! we rocked so much! omg it was so great!!! I had a great feeling! I can't really describe what feeling is to play infront of the audience who likes what you're doing. That's the best reward for a musician. An applause!

After the concert we started to carry our instruments off the stage. And I was so happy when people came to me saying that they liked the concert. I was so thankful that they were there and that they enjoyed our music. It's great to see smiling faces saying: ''You guys did a great job!'' Nives was there, Ada, Katja, my band, my schoolmates, my parents, our teachers...I was so happy they came.
I had a feeling that I did something good.
I was tired, hardly could breathe but still I was maybe the happiest person on the world at these moments!
and now 17th May! FRAME, schools band, Peppermint, Evil eyes, White night, Freaks of Friday...at Prva Gimnazija again!!! Don't miss it!

Apr. 21st, 2007

(no subject)

25th april at 8.30 pm: school band's concert
can't wait although we suck XDDD well yeah we're practicing a lot now. we didn't do anything before so now we're spending hours at prvi oder (first stage in english). but yeah i think it will be good
13th and 14th april were awesome for me
i went to kocevje with my class. as said before they were once by us and now we went there. i couldn't wait!! i couldn't wait to see my friends again! we drove by bus for about 3 hours. when we came we saw our friends coming to us and i was so happy. i ran to katja and hugged her. then rad to mateja and tinkara and yeah i was soooo happy to see them again. later we went to their school. then we went to the forest, where we had a nice conversation about music and leaf-fat :DDDD the teachers told us stuff about bears which was pretty interesting
in the evening we went out together and we had a lot of fun. and at 10 gasper called me and marko! and he was so drunk omg XD i wish i could see that. ozzi, gasper, jan, david, kris, everyone was there drunk and they called us XD it was so funny, they switched the phone between eachother and laughed really loud XD i'll never forget this
next day we went to the forest again where we were arching and we learned how to make fire and tents and such stuff. my classmates made me drum sticks out of trees branches XD it was so funny but it was so sweet of them ^^ and one of the students who guided us was also a drummer so we had a little drum talk which i really missed by then. there was almoast no musicians there in kocevje.

then we went around the city of kocevje and looked some monuments and a museum.

later we came back to school. soon we had to go...but i really didn't want to. it was so nice there, such fun and with all the people there.

at about 6 pm we had to go. i was sad because i had to go. but still happy because i had such great time, i was thankful for that. hugged katja, mateja, tinkara, jurij, davor (once we'll meet at a leaf-fat concert that's for sure ^__^) for last time and a little tears appeared in my eyes. i had to run to the bus so they wouldn't go without me. marko tried to make me feel better it was really nice from him. later we started to sing songs in the bus and tell jokes. it was really funny. :D me and marko were so loud singing and screaming on bullet for my valentine's tears don't fall. but later we fell asleep because we were really tired.
we came home at about 9.30 pm and i went to sleep immediately with a nice feeling and happyness in my heart.

yesterday we went to watch stand up comedy. tin also performed there and it was really funny ^^
well what else i need to tell...i think that's all :D

Apr. 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

last days were...soo exiting
first we went to see michael angelo batio when he had his dean guitar clinic in maribor. i went there just because my band mates also went there. i didn't know who michael angelo batio is. i also took nives with me, since she's the one who plays guitar. so we went there. and man i was sooo amazed! this guy's so awesome! even i got huge eyes when i saw him even if i don't have any idea about guitar playing. but he was really amazing! playing his famous double guitar and he was sooo fast!
after his performance he gave autographs and me and my sis actually got a chance to talk to him. he's soo nice and such an optimistic and funny person! :DDD
i really enjoyed talking to him and i also got the chance to hold his guitar hehe ^^
me and my sister were really so amazed we decided to go on his next clinic which was two days later in slovenska bistrica. our friend marko drove us there because he wanted to see him to. we were lucky because he has driving lessons. ^^ he's also a very good guitarist, plays by lycanthrope i guess i already told about him.
so we got there and when michael angelo batio saw me and nives he was like waving and laughing saying: ''hello!''
the guy remembered us! durring the performance he asked: ''is there anyone who was on my clinic before. well i know these two cute girls over there were.'' and pointed on us. i laughed and my sis freaked out. she really admires him. so he did another amazing performance!
after, we talked to one guy also a musician playing keyboard. a very nice guy i enjoyed his company.
and i wanted one autograph of michael angelo since i didn't go for it in maribor. he asked what's my name and then wrote: to maja, mab, 2007
i asked him to take a pic of him and nives but then we all three made one pic. when i get it i'll post it! so i had a great time!

here's michael angelo batio ^__^

what else is new...we're having a concert on 17th may with peppermint, freaks of friday, white night and others. i can't wait!
last time we had one performance in school. i mean our band, FRAME. it wasn't the whole band actually because we're from different schools and the performance was curring school. so only me, marko and ozzi were there. and one friend helped us with one guitar.
it was a good performance! we played 2 songs and had to repeat one hehe ^___^
and also our new singer ( i guess i didn't talk about him yet) matija came. he will probably also be our manager (btw he's 20 years old). he heard us once and said he wants to work with us. so he's our singer now. and he came to watch our performance and i was happy about it

right now...i can't go on with writing...i feel too bad...i feel sick and i can't stand this...i feel like the biggest fool in this world...

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